Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi Contemplates Opening Singles Match in Davis Cup Tie:

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Ace tennis player Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi is contemplating the possibility of competing in the opening day’s singles match in the upcoming Davis Cup Group I tie against India. The matches are set to be held at the grass courts of the Pakistan Sports Complex on February 3-4.

In an interview with ‘The News’ on Tuesday, Aisam shared his thoughts amidst persistent rain, which prevented players from starting their practice sessions in the evening. Despite this setback, Aisam expressed his inclination towards potentially participating in the opening day’s singles match.

“While there are still a few days until the tie begins, I am seriously considering playing the opening day’s singles match, taking into account my current fitness level. I feel good, and if my condition remains favorable, I will definitely compete in the singles match on the opening day,” he stated.

Aisam also noted the impressive form of all three key players, including Aqeel and Shoaib, who are potential candidates for the singles matches.

“When facing stronger teams, experience plays a significant role. That’s why I am considering playing the singles. Against formidable opponents, confident players with experience and exposure are crucial. Though it’s premature to decide, there’s a likelihood that we would prioritize experience, at least for the opening day’s singles.”

Regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the Indian side, Aisam mentioned the uncertainty surrounding their lineup.

“India boasts a talented squad with players who possess extensive international experience. However, it’s unclear who will play in the singles. Nevertheless, India is undoubtedly one of the top sides in Asia.”

Depending on Aisam’s fitness and the outcomes of the opening day’s singles matches, he might even opt out of playing doubles and consider returning for the reverse singles.

“It all hinges on how things unfold on the opening day before determining the lineup for reverse singles and doubles.”

Rain Forecast Casts Shadow Over Davis Cup Anticipation

The excitement surrounding the anticipated Davis Cup clash is dampened by the looming threat of rain forecast, especially for the second day (Sunday). There are concerns about rain and adverse weather conditions. If the second day is affected by rain or shortened due to it, the matches could be postponed to Monday, provided the tie remains undecided.

Meanwhile, Pakistani players remained indoors throughout Tuesday due to evening rain. Earlier, the Indian team had their practice session for nearly two hours before rain interrupted, continuing until dusk.

“Pakistani players conducted gym training at a hotel. As soon as it started raining, we covered all three courts to maintain their condition,” a PTF official stated when contacted. The possibility of rain and adverse weather in Islamabad also persists for Wednesday.

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