PCB in Crisis Hold Talk with Shaheen Afridi Over Statement Dispute

PCB in Crisis Hold Talk with Shaheen Afridi Over Statement Dispute

News by “Sana Ullah”

Pakistan’s cricketing landscape is once again embroiled in turmoil as the captaincy saga takes a tumultuous turn, with Shaheen Afridi reportedly incensed over a statement attributed to him on the PCB’s website, containing quotes he claims he never made. ESPNcricinfo has learned that Afridi was on the brink of issuing a statement to disavow the quotes when the PCB intervened, holding urgent crisis talks with him. Another hastily arranged meeting with PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi is slated to take place on Monday.

Afridi, the outgoing Pakistan captain, allegedly had no input whatsoever in the quotes published by the PCB under his name regarding the reinstatement of Babar Azam as captain. Despite his dissatisfaction with the handling of the captaincy situation, Afridi’s purported statement in support of Babar Azam’s leadership and his commitment to the team’s cause appeared on the PCB’s official channels without his consent.

“I will always cherish the memories and the opportunity,” the statement attributed to Afridi read. “As a team player, it is my duty to back our captain, Babar Azam. I have played under his captaincy and have nothing but respect for him. I will try to help him on and off the field. We are all one. Our aim is the same, to help Pakistan become the best team in the world.”

Sources suggest that Afridi vehemently denies making any such statement and views this latest development as a further erosion of trust in the PCB’s handling of the captaincy issue. The rift between Afridi and the PCB has been exacerbated by the lack of transparency surrounding his removal from the captaincy and the subsequent communication breakdown.

The PCB’s attempt to mend fences by releasing a statement ostensibly showcasing camaraderie between Babar and Shaheen has only exacerbated tensions. The manner in which the captaincy was relinquished from Shaheen to Babar is poised to strain relations between two of Pakistan cricket’s marquee players, with Afridi’s discontent forcing the PCB into damage-control mode.

As the PCB navigates this delicate situation, all eyes are on how successfully they can placate Afridi and ameliorate the simmering resentment. The outcome of the upcoming meeting with Mohsin Naqvi and the subsequent actions of the PCB will determine the trajectory of Pakistan cricket’s leadership crisis.

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