Kapil Dev’s Absence from World Cup Captains’ Event Sparks Outrage:

Kapil Dev's Absence from World Cup Captains' Event Sparks Outrage:

Kapil Dev, the legendary Indian cricketer who captained the country to its first World Cup victory in 1983, has revealed that he was not invited to the event honoring all World Cup-winning captains at the 2023 World Cup final in Ahmedabad.

Kapil Dev expressed his disappointment at not receiving an invitation to the event, stating, “I wasn’t invited. They didn’t call me, so I did not go. As simple as that.”

The non-invitation of Kapil Dev, one of India’s most celebrated cricketers, has sparked criticism and raised questions about the organizers’ decision-making process. Many fans and cricket experts have expressed their surprise and disappointment at the omission of Kapil Dev, who is considered a national icon in India.

Reasons for Kapil Dev’s Non-Invitation

The exact reasons for Kapil Dev’s non-invitation remain unclear. However, there are a few possible explanations that have been put forward:

  • Oversight: It is possible that Kapil Dev’s non-invitation was simply an oversight on the part of the organizers. The event was a large-scale affair, and it is possible that Kapil Dev’s name was inadvertently overlooked.
  • Limited Invitations: Another possibility is that the number of invitations was limited, and the organizers had to make difficult decisions about who to include and who to exclude. It is possible that Kapil Dev was not included due to space constraints or other logistical considerations.
  • Unclear Criteria: The criteria for selecting which World Cup-winning captains to invite were not clearly communicated, and it is possible that Kapil Dev did not meet the organizers’ criteria. However, given his stature in Indian cricket, it is difficult to imagine what criteria he could have failed to meet.

Reactions to Kapil Dev’s Non-Invitation

The non-invitation of Kapil Dev has been met with widespread criticism and disappointment. Many fans and cricket experts have taken to social media to express their disbelief that one of India’s greatest cricketers was not invited to such a significant event.

Some have argued that Kapil Dev’s non-invitation is an insult to his legacy and the contributions he has made to Indian cricket. Others have called for an explanation from the organizers and have demanded that Kapil Dev be included in the event.

The Organizers’ Response

The organizers of the event have not yet responded to the criticism surrounding Kapil Dev’s non-invitation. It is unclear whether they will issue a public apology or take any steps to rectify the situation.


The non-invitation of Kapil Dev to the event honoring World Cup-winning captains is a disappointing oversight that has tarnished the event’s reputation. It is important that the organizers take steps to address the situation and ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.

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