Lahore Qalandars’ Wicketkeeper, Prince Farhan, Talks to the Media:

Lahore Qalandars' Wicketkeeper, Prince Farhan, Talks to the Media:

News by “Sana Ullah”

Today marked the first practice session for Lahore Qalandars, with the team showing promising signs, as mentioned by Prince Farhan.

Reflecting on the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Prince Farhan emphasized its stature as a brand, attributing his consistent performances to his current position within the league.

Expressing optimism for the upcoming matches, Prince Farhan asserted his determination to deliver a commendable performance if given the opportunity.

Recalling his experience playing in the middle order in New Zealand, Prince Farhan described it as a valuable learning opportunity, allowing him to enhance his skills.

In a significant revelation, Prince Farhan disclosed that he would be playing as a wicketkeeper-batsman for Lahore Qalandars in the upcoming matches.

Regarding the team’s leadership, Prince Farhan commended Shahin Afridi’s captaincy, highlighting the team’s aspiration to achieve a hat-trick of victories.

Acknowledging the prowess of Rashid Khan as a bowler, Prince Farhan expressed confidence in Lahore Qalandars’ improved bowling attack this season.

With a notable presence of Pathans in the team, Prince Farhan emphasized their potential impact, underscoring the significance of each player.

In a final remark, Prince Farhan affirmed the team’s collective commitment to strive for victory and uphold Lahore’s pride in the tournament.

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