Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team’s Poor Performance Leads to Dissolution of Selection Committee

Pakistan Women's Cricket Team's Poor Performance Leads to Dissolution of Selection Committee

News by “Sports Reporter”

In response to the recent defeat of the Pakistan women’s cricket team against the West Indies, PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi has taken decisive action by dissolving the existing selection committee.

Naqvi made this decision following a comprehensive assessment of the committee’s performance in light of the team’s setbacks.

A new seven-member selection committee has been swiftly formed to oversee the team’s selection process.

Key members of the new committee include former cricketers Abdul Razzaq and Asad Shafiq, along with former women cricketers Asmavia Iqbal and Marina Iqbal.

Additionally, the reconstituted committee comprises interim head coach Mohsin Rashid, team captain Nida Dar, and former cricketer Batool Fatima.

The primary mandate of the newly formed selection committee is to promptly assume their responsibilities and implement necessary changes to improve the performance of the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team.

The PCB has also issued directives for the immediate appointment of a new coach for the women’s cricket team, emphasizing the urgency to enhance the team’s performance.

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