Mbappe Affirms Harmony with PSG Coach Luis Enrique After Champions League Triumph:

Mbappe Affirms Harmony with PSG Coach Luis Enrique After Champions League Triumph:

News by “Sports Reporter”

Kylian Mbappe reiterated his positive relationship with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) coach Luis Enrique following his stellar performance in PSG’s victory over Real Sociedad in the Champions League round of 16 on Tuesday.

Leading the team as captain, Mbappe netted a brace, securing a 2-1 win in the second leg and a 4-1 aggregate triumph, propelling PSG into the quarter-finals for the first time since 2021.

Addressing speculation about his rapport with Luis Enrique, Mbappe reassured, “It’s fine. There is no problem with him, even if people might think there is a problem. I do have problems but the coach is not one.”

Mbappe, who has recently indicated his departure from PSG at the end of the season, had faced benching or substitution in PSG’s past three Ligue 1 matches. However, his full 90-minute display against Real Sociedad showcased his scoring prowess, bringing his season’s goal tally to an impressive 34 in 34 matches.

“We are very, very pleased to be in the quarter-finals,” Mbappe remarked, emphasizing his dedication to performing consistently in the Champions League.

Reflecting on PSG’s progress, Luis Enrique expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance and emphasized Mbappe’s autonomy on the field. “There is no need to manage Mbappe. He manages himself,” the coach affirmed, highlighting Mbappe’s lethal effectiveness when positioned strategically.

With PSG eyeing a favorable draw in the quarter-finals, Luis Enrique stressed the team’s youthful vigor and the absence of undue pressure. “Our team is clearly improving and we will see how far we can go,” he remarked, underlining the excitement and motivation driving PSG’s Champions League campaign.

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