Argentina Secures Top Position in FIFA Rankings to Wrap Up 2023:

Argentina Secures Top Position in FIFA Rankings to Wrap Up 2023:

News by Sana Ullah

Panama Emerges as the Most Progressive Team in the FIFA Rankings for the Year”

A mere 11 international men’s matches have been contested since the release of the last FIFA/Coca-Cola Men’s World Ranking in November. Nine of these fixtures showcased OFC teams participating in the Pacific Games, while the remaining two featured Colombia in friendlies against Venezuela and Mexico. Given the limited international action, it’s hardly surprising that the December standings show minimal changes.

A year after savoring success at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Argentina (1st) remains at the pinnacle of the football world as 2023 comes to a close. France (2nd) and England (3rd) complete the year-end podium, with no notable shifts observed in the top 13 positions.

Colombia (14th, up 1) overtook Mexico in the rankings after securing victories against Venezuela (50th, down 1) and Mexico (15th, down 1). Despite the drop, Venezuela holds onto its place in the year-end top 50.

Panama’s ranking remains unchanged this month (41st, up 83.92 points), but Los Canaleros can take pride in achieving the most substantial leap in 2023, climbing 20 spots throughout the year. Other notable climbers compared to 2022 include Moldova (155th, up 19 places and 63.72 points) and Malaysia (130th, up 15 places and 56.27 points).

Concluding 2023 on a triumphant note, New Caledonia secured victory at the Pacific Games, rising one spot to 159th in the FIFA Rankings. There is a similar positive outlook for Fiji (168th, up 2), Tahiti (163rd, up 1), and Samoa (186th, up 1). The Samoans, along with their neighbors American Samoa and Tonga, recently made their FIFA/Coca-Cola Men’s World Ranking comeback, signaling a revival after a challenging period for Polynesian football.”

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